1. Forms duly completed along with Cash / Account Payee Cheque in favour of " Maharashtra State Lawn Tennis Association" along with two ID Card size photos should be submitted during 11.00 am to 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm in the MSLTA office from

    • 25th February 2008 onwards - Continuing Trainees
    • 10th March 2008 onwards - New Trainees.

  2. No outstation cheques will be Accepted.

  3. Coaching School term will commence from 1st April 2008.

  4. College Students & Adults will be allowed in the following sessions (only on week days.).

    • 07.00 am to 07.45 am
    • 07.45 am to 08.30 am
    • 08.30 am to 09.15 am
    • 09.15 am to 10.00 am

  5. Continuing trainees will be given first preference for admission on "First Come First Serve Basis".

  6. Applications will be treated on "First Come First Serve Basis" for new entrants.

  7. Coaching fees will NOT be refunded under any circumstances.

  8. Trainees shall attend coaching classes regularly and punctually.

  9. Trainees (including adults) will be required to abide by the instructions given to them by the Coaches from time to time. Coaching Programme will involve physical fitness exercises, drills etc.

  10. All trainees are compulsorily required to wear MSLTA T-shirts. Identity Card (ICard). three T-shirts & three pairs of socks will be provided to ach trainee joining for a year. THe trainees shall wear proper Tennis Shorts (bermuda, full pant, denims are not allowed) and Tennis Shoes on the courts(cross trainers & jogging shoes are not allowed). Additional T-shirts and socks if required will be available on payment.

  11. Parents are strictly not allowed on the tennis courts during the coaching hours.

  12. Trainee shall carry his / her I Card and will not be permitted to play without I Card. IN case the I Card is lost it must be reported immediately to the office and a duplicate I Card will be issued on payment of Rs.50/-.

  13. College Students shall submit a Xerox copy of the College I Card.

  14. If any trainee is expelled for any act of indiscipline - no refund of fees will be made.

  15. Missed sessions will not be compensated under any circumstances. ( INcludes session missed due to rains, tournaments etc.)

  16. No trainee will be allowed two continuous sessions in a day ( mornig & afternoon except tournament group)

  17. MSLTA shall not be responsible for injuries caused to a trainee while playing on the Tennis Courts or any other injuries or mishap within the MSLTA Complex.

  18. It is compulsory for trainees, as a part of Coaching School Curriculum, to act as ball person, score keeper, lines person or umpire for tournaments conducted by MSLTA as needed. Besides it is compulsory for all trainees to watch tournaments held at MSLTA.

  19. For extra practice / match play, trainees can book the court after coaching hours. ( for details contact MSLTA office)

  20. Trainee or their parents are prohibited from giving tips or gifts to the staff of MSLTA.