1. The Rules and regulations: Except as otherwise provided by the committee, the rules and regulation of ITF will apply.

  2. Telephone or E-mail entries will not be accepted under any circumstances.

  3. There will be daily allowance for AITA championship Series, Super Series & Nationals:
    1. National Series : DA of Rs. 800/day
    2. Super Series : DA of Rs. 600/day
    3. Championship Series : DA of Rs. 400/day
    4. No DA for players in Talent Series. DA to be paid for days the player is in the Singles/Doubles Main Draw. If a match has to be completed the next day then DA will be given for the day the match is completed. A Player receives DA for only one age group even if he / she is participating in 2 age groups. DA will be paid for the event in which the player has reached the highest level even in doubles event.

  4. All matches will be best of 3 sets and best of 17 games for State Ranking Tournaments. However, finals of State Ranking will be best of 3 sets.

  5. Umpires & Ball boys will be provided for all matches.

  6. ITF / AITA approved balls will be used.

  7. The code of conduct of AITA will be strictly enforced.

  8. The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without assigning any reasons thereof.

  9. AITA/MSLTA supervisor may postpone any match on account of insufficient light or adverse weather or court conditions. In all such cases the score and previous occupancy of court shall hold good.

  10. The organizing committee will not entertain any complaints in connection with the tournament unless made in writing by the participant and lodged with the AITA/MSLTA Supervisor with in TWO hours of occurrence of the incidence.

  11. Competitors must report to the AITA/MSLTA supervisor at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time of any match. Participants failing to report after announcement of his match within 15 minutes may be disqualified. The players must also ascertain from the supervisor about his/her/their next match. The Supervisor will be the final authority regarding walkovers.

  12. No request for postponements, deferments of any match will be entertained and the defaulting players will be disqualified. However, the AITA/MSLTA supervisor holds the discretion to postpone or propone any match if he so requires, without assigning any reasons.

  13. For the daily schedule of matches the players in their own interest will have to ascertain the required information from notice boards.

  14. For seeding purpose ITF / ATP / AITA and MSLTA Ranking points and current performance will be considered.

  15. The AITA/MSLTA supervisor is the final deciding factor regarding decision on player's injuries, code violation and bad behavior etc.

  16. Entries received at MSLTA will be displayed on The players are requested to check their names in the list. If name does not appears, contact MSLTA office on 022-22874806/8/9/10.

  17. The list of players in the Main draw and qualifying draw will be displayed on the MSLTA website and on tournament venue. The players have to check the direct entry list on daily basis. The players intending to play in the tournament should check their names and points, in the main & qualifying list and should contact MSLTA Office for any clarification in the matter of points, missed entries etc.

  18. Please Note: Players playing on Deco Turf, wearing jogging shoes, cross trainer and shoes with black soles will not be allowed to play. ONLY NON-MARKING TENNIS SHOES WILL BE ALLOWED.

  19. Entries for All India Talent / Championship series and State Ranking tournaments will have to be sent to MSLTA by fax on 022-22873902 and entries for All India Super / National Series will have to be sent to AITA by fax on 011-26173159. It is player's responsibility to back check whether the fax has been reached to MSLTA/AITA by contacting in the respective offices.

  20. Entry deadline for All India Ranking Tournaments : 3 Mondays prior to commencement of Tournament.

  21. Entry deadline for State Ranking Tournaments : 2 Mondays prior to commencement of Tournament.


    1. Super/Championship/Talent Series
      • Conducted : Wednesday to Saturday
      • Qualifying : Monday & Tuesday
      • Sign In for Qualifying : Sunday 12:00pm to 2:00 pm
      • Sign In for Main Draw : Tuesday 12:00pm to 2:00 pm

    2. National Series will be held from
      • BOYS : Monday - Saturday (Qualifying: Saturday & Sunday)
      • GIRLS : Tuesday - Saturday (Qualifying: Sunday & Monday)

    3. Sign In for Qualifying
      • BOYS : Friday 12:00pm to 2:00 pm
      • GIRLS : Saturday 12:00pm to 2:00 pm

    4. National Series will be held from
      • BOYS : Sunday 12:00pm to 2:00 pm
      • GIRLS : Monday 12:00pm to 2:00 pm

    5. Sign In for Doubles (Main Draw)
      • Tuesday 12:00pm to 2:00 pm

    6. NOTE : Sign in is now compulsory for Maharashtra State Ranking Tournaments also
      • Sign In for Qualifying : Friday 2:00pm to 4:00 pm
      • Sign In for Main Draw : Sunday 12:00pm to 2:00 pm